Understanding Preventative Dental Care

Dental Services in Washington, DCYour dental health and your overall health are distinctly intertwined. This is because your mouth is one of the main entrances to your digestive and respiratory systems, both of which play a vital role in your overall physical health. When your smile is not at it’s best, this affects more than just your self-confidence. By taking care of your dental health, you are ensuring that both you and your smile will be around for years to come. This is why we encourage patients to practice consistent preventative dental care. Here are three things you can do to ensure the longevity of your dental health:

Practice a Healthy Diet.

Your diet affects your dental health perhaps more than anything. The types of foods and beverages that you consume take a toll on your teeth, gums, and jawbone over time. Foods that are excessively sugary or starchy should not be eaten in excess. This is because sugars and starches are more likely to stick to your dental structures, causing plaque and tartar buildup over time. Plaque and tartar are the main cause of gum disease, one of the most common dental concerns that we see in our Washington, DC dentist office. By practicing a healthy diet and eating smile-friendly foods, this helps reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease development. If you are looking for smile-friendly snack suggestions, we recommend fruit smoothies, carrots, assorted nuts, and string cheese. These snacks are delicious while also containing vitamins and minerals that are essential for the longevity of your dental health.

Brush & Floss.

Brushing and flossing are your smile’s two main lines of defense when it comes to preventing a wide range of dental concerns. By practicing a basic at-home oral hygiene routine, you could potentially be saving yourself time and money in the future. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day prevents food residue buildup that will eventually result in plaque and tartar. Additionally, brushing and flossing often prevent tooth discoloration, which occurs when the staining agents within your foods and beverages are allowed to remain on your dental structures for too long. We recommend brushing and flossing once in the morning, immediately after you wake up, and once at night before going to bed. This simple maintenance routine can keep your smile healthy and strong outside of the dentist’s office.

Schedule Dentist Appointments Once Every Six Months.

You should visit your dentist once every six months. This ensures the longevity of your dental health more than anything else. Having a dental professional keep a close eye on your dental health is the best way to prevent major dental concerns from developing. Dr. Nishan Halim, your local dentist in Capitol Hill, DC, offers preventative dental care appointments for his new and returning patients. During these appointments, your teeth will be cleaned and evaluated thoroughly. This allows our dental care team to catch issues early-on before they require major restorative care. If you are looking for a reliable dentist office in Washington, DC, we hope you will consider scheduling your next dental appointment with Dr. Nishan Halim and our compassionate dental health and wellness team.