Can I Receive Multiple Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can severely impact your quality of life, affecting your ability to perform oral functions as well as disrupting the appearance of your smile. Your dentist can provide permanent tooth replacement treatment using dental implants when you schedule a consultation appointment.

However, if you have more than one missing tooth, your dentist may need to use multiple fixtures to completely restore your smile. Dr. Nishan Halim, a dentist serving patients in Washington, DC, provides further details regarding tooth replacement treatment with more than one dental implant.

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How Do Dentists Treat Multiple Missing Teeth?

When you are missing several teeth, your dentist can recommend a few dental solutions that will restore your smile. Some patients prefer removable appliances to replace their teeth and will receive a partial or full denture.

However, patients can find permanent and more extensive advantages if they replace their teeth with a dental implant. Those who are missing an entire arch of teeth can receive an implant-supported denture, and patients with three or more consecutive missing teeth may benefit from an implant-supported dental bridge.

Tooth loss may affect different sections of your mouth, and you might be missing teeth from both the top and bottom arches of your smile. If this is the case, your dentist may suggest multiple dental implants to achieve a full restoration.

Can I Receive More Than One Implant at Once?

If your dentist determines that dental implants are the ideal restorative solution for your smile, it is possible to receive more than one implant within one treatment. The first step of the process, after the consultation appointment, is oral surgery to place titanium post anchors into the jaw that will ultimately support prosthetic teeth.

The dentist can place anchors for more than one implant during this procedure. Once these heal, you will return to your dentist to have the prosthetics secured into their permanent position.

What Benefits Will I Notice from This Treatment?

Your multiple dental implants will offer a lifetime of structural, functional, and aesthetic benefits. The implants will fill gaps in your smile with a beautiful and natural-looking finish that you can feel confident about.

You will also be able to eat, speak, and perform other oral functions with ease and without worrying about an appliance slipping out of place. The anchors in the jaw will prevent bone loss, further preserving your oral health. You should continue routine dental visits to get the most out of your tooth replacement treatment.

Multiple Dental Implant Options in Washington, DC

Dr. Halim offers dental implants and other tooth replacement solutions to eligible patients in the greater Washington, DC area. Our practice also specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening services. Full mouth reconstruction is possible when you schedule a consultation with our dental experts. To schedule an appointment with our team of dental experts, contact our office by phone at 202.318.4113 or reach a member of our staff online.