4 Teeth Whitening Options from Your Dentist

Over time, your teeth might become yellower, duller, or stained. These aesthetic concerns can stem from poor oral habits or factors outside of your control, like aging. If brushing and flossing your teeth do not get rid of this discoloration, you can turn to your dentist to help you brighten your smile.

When you schedule a cosmetic consultation, your dentist will consider your unique desires and history to find the best solution for you. Read on to see four treatments that your dentist might suggest to get you the whiter smile of your dreams.

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How Can My Dentist Whiten My Teeth?

Professional Teeth Whitening

Your dentist can offer a specialized cosmetic treatment designed to whiten the color of your teeth. They provide two options to choose from: a take-home whitening kit and a combination in-office and at-home process.

The dentist will give you a mouthguard filled with whitening gel. This gel contains bleaching agents that activate when heated by lighting mechanics within the mouthguard. Follow the included instructions and use this treatment as directed to get gradual, effective results.

The bleaching agents from this treatment can penetrate deep into the tooth enamel to lift stubborn stains. You might need touch-up treatments to maintain the brightened color of your smile after you finish the treatment.

Dental Bonding

For a more targeted way to even out and brighten your smile, your dentist may suggest tooth bonding. With one session, your dentist can prepare the surface of your teeth, apply composite resin, and sculpt it according to your aesthetic goals.

The tooth-colored resin will enhance the appearance of your smile, making it both whiter and uniform. The dentist will cure the resin so it hardens and remains in place and then they will polish it for a gorgeous finish. Bonding can last between three and ten years with proper care.

Porcelain Veneers

Patients seeking a long-lasting cosmetic dental solution may prefer porcelain veneers. With this treatment, a dentist will attach custom-made shells to the front of a patient’s teeth using bonding. These custom-made fixtures will construct a brighter, straighter smile.

The individualized approach to this treatment makes sure the final results look both natural and beautiful. The durable shells and secure bonding allow the veneers to stay on the patient’s teeth for a long time. If you take care of them, they can enhance the smile for fifteen or more years.

Dental Crowns

You may think of dental crowns as a restorative dental tool. But like veneers, crowns are built individually for each patient’s unique smile. That means that the dentist factors in the patient’s size, shape, and color of their teeth for an optimal final look.

The dentist can then make the dental crowns for their patient to suit their smile aesthetic goals too. The crown features a ceramic cap that fits over a tooth and is sealed with dental cement. It can cover the surface of the tooth, hiding severe discoloration while giving the tooth a brighter appearance.