Keep Your Invisalign Pristine

Want to straighten mild cases of misaligned teeth? Your dentist can provide you with Invisalign, a treatment consisting of sets of custom-made translucent aligners. You wear them over your teeth for 22 hours a day, at least. Then the aligners gradually push the teeth into your desired straight position.

Many people appreciate the discreet appearance of these clear-colored aligners over the teeth compared to harsh-looking metal braces. But in order to ensure they remain clean and beautiful on your smile, you will need to take proper care of these oral appliances. Read on to find advice from your dentist that will help you keep your Invisalign looking and feeling its best during your teeth-straightening treatment.

Keep Your Invisalign Pristine

Remove Aligners When Eating and Drinking

One appealing aspect of Invisalign aligners is that you can take them out of the mouth when necessary. This means that you do not have to adjust your diet to avoid harming your dental work like you would with traditional braces. In fact, dentists ask their patients to remove their aligners when they eat or drink.

This is because food can easily become trapped in the aligners, which can make a mess of your appliance as well as your smile. Also, dark-colored substances, like coffee or tea, will transfer their staining agents to Invisalign. This could make the appliance turn yellow or brown.

These stains will not wash away once they penetrate the plastic. And the discoloration will disrupt the look of your smile. To prevent this problem, follow your dentist’s instructions and take out Invisalign during meals and other times you consume beverages or food items.

Continue Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Another benefit of removable teeth-straightening appliances like Invisalign is that you can take them out of your mouth to complete your oral hygiene regimen. This means you can brush your teeth and floss without interruption.

Make sure you adhere to your good oral hygiene habits as you undergo Invisalign treatment. If you leave plaque and other harmful residues on your teeth, they can transfer to your oral appliance. The excess bacteria can leave stains and otherwise harm your Invisalign.

And these residues can also cause dental problems like cavities or gum disease that can interfere with your cosmetic dental treatment. So avoid these issues by eliminating the particles through proper oral hygiene.

Complete Separate Cleaning for Invisalign

As you take care of the rest of your smile, you will also need to practice cleaning and maintenance on your Invisalign aligners. Invisalign will garner plaque and other buildup throughout the day, just like your teeth. So you must remove this to ensure your smile stays healthy and the aligners look pristine.

To clean Invisalign, you should brush them once a day with a specialized cleanser. Use a soft-bristled brush so that you do not scratch the plastic.

Rinse the aligners thoroughly before placing them back in your mouth. And do not use hot water when you do so that you do not melt or warp the plastic. If you do damage your aligners, call your dentist about this issue.