Maximize Teeth Whitening Benefits

If you feel unhappy about discoloration on your teeth, you should discuss teeth whitening solutions with your cosmetic dentist. They can offer personalized smile enhancement to achieve your aesthetic goals and brighten your tooth color.

Once you have the bright, white smile of your dreams, you will want to ensure the benefits last. You should adhere to aftercare and maintenance guidelines from your dentist to maximize the effects of teeth whitening. Read on to find advice from your dentist that can help you keep your smile bright for as long as possible after teeth whitening treatment.

Maximize Teeth Whitening Benefits

Avoid Consuming Staining Agents

Professional teeth whitening involves a dentist using bleaching gel to lift stubborn stains within the tooth enamel. Then they can easily wash the discoloration away to leave your teeth looking bright with a beautiful, natural finish.

However, your teeth can form new stains on their surface if you continue to consume foods and beverages that contain staining agents. For instance, dark-colored items like red wine and coffee get their hue from naturally occurring substances called tannins. Tannins will transfer to your teeth and absorb into the enamel to create dental discoloration.

So if you whiten your smile, you want to limit or avoid these dark-colored items that could leave new stains on your teeth. Sipping from a straw or diluting a dark beverage like tea with milk can lower the risk of staining your smile, but they will not eliminate the chance entirely. Pay attention to your eating habits to ensure they do not harm your smile aesthetics.

Adhere to Good Oral Hygiene Practices

You will want to keep your smile clean so that your teeth can remain healthy enough to withstand dental discoloration. You can accomplish this by practicing good oral hygiene at home. This will involve brushing your teeth at least twice per day and flossing every day.

This practice scrubs away plaque and other residues that naturally accrue on your teeth. If left on your smile, they will weaken your dental structure and make your teeth more susceptible to discoloration and dental health problems.

Skipping your oral hygiene regimen gives plaque and excess bacteria time to hurt your smile. So adhere to a consistent and thorough routine for optimal protection of your oral health and cosmetic dental work.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Proper oral hygiene will also include attending regular check-ups at your dentist’s office. During this appointment, the dentist will complete a professional dental cleaning as well as an oral health exam.

At-home care alone will not provide adequate preservation of your smile, even after teeth whitening and other smile enhancement. The dentist can identify oral health issues that may threaten the appearance of your smile during these appointments. Then you can ensure your teeth continue to look and feel their best.

Your dentist can also recommend touch-ups to your teeth whitening if needed during these visits. Give your dentist a call today to schedule your next routine dental appointment.