Custom Mouthguard Washington, DC

Dr. Nishan Halim provides custom sports mouthguards to his dental patients in Washington, DC. Dr. Halim recommends professional mouthguards for patients who participate in contact sports. Contact sports can include lacrosse, soccer, basketball, football, hockey, and more. Wearing a custom sports mouthguard prevents permanent damage to the teeth and gums.

Over-the-counter mouthguards can feel uncomfortable and bulky since they do not provide a custom fit. Professional custom mouthguards provide comfort and protection. Call 202.318.4113 for a custom sports mouthguard or request an appointment with Dr. Halim online.

Custom Sports Mouthguard in Washington, DC

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards

A custom sports mouthguard offers multiple benefits when compared to over-the-counter options:

  • Custom and comfortable fit: Dr. Halim uses impressions of your teeth to ensure your mouthguard is custom made for you. Professional mouthguards are meant to fit snugly over your teeth and gums. Our mouthguards are less bulky than other options and enable you to drink water and speak more clearly with teammates during games.
  • Less distracting play: Players may feel the need to clench their jaw to keep their mouthguard in place during a game. With professional custom mouthguards, you can focus your energy on the game.
  • Extensive protection: A custom-fit mouthguard not only protects your teeth and gums, but also oral appliances and braces.

How Often Should I Replace My Mouthguard?

Dr. Halim recommends replacing your mouthguard before every sports season. Younger patients may quickly outgrow their mouthguards which is why it is important to replace them every sports season for optimal comfort and protection. Your mouthguard should fit securely to your teeth without the need to bite the mouthguard or clench the jaw to keep it in place. If your mouth guard does not fit properly, it can fall out.

Sports Mouthguards vs TMJ Mouthguards

Dr. Halim may recommend a mouthguard worn at night to address teeth clenching and grinding, which are common symptoms of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. This type of mouthguard repositions the jaw and alleviates muscle tension, jaw pain, and headaches. A custom sports mouthguard is only meant to be worn for a few hours and not overnight. Mouthguards for TMJ are specially made to correct jaw alignment issues when patients are asleep.