Laser Dentistry Washington, DC

Laser dentistry is a modern method of dental care that uses high-quality dental lasers to perform non-invasive and painless dental treatments. A dental laser is a handheld device that uses light and heat energy to target and treats tissues in the mouth.

Dental lasers can be used on hard and soft tissues. Hard tissue lasers treat the tooth surface and soft tissue lasers treat the gums. Precise lasers can eliminate bacteria and infected tissues as well as stimulate the natural regrowth of tissues.

Dr. Nishan Halim uses dental lasers to treat a variety of general dental problems in his Washington, DC dental office. Dr. Halim is a highly skilled dentist that takes pride in providing safe, painless, and effective treatment using laser dentistry.

Dental Laser Treatment in Washington, DC

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers benefits for both patients and the dentist. Because laser dentistry is accurate, less painful, and quicker, that means it’s easier for dentists to perform the tasks they need to do. Patients are more comfortable and less stressed throughout a laser dentistry procedure.

If you have dental fear or anxiety, laser dentistry can help to calm that as well. They’re quiet and comfortable, impacting fewer anxiety triggers. The laser helps to sterilize and cauterize the area. You have less risk of infection spreading because it’s a sterile procedure and it’s limited to a precise area.

Most patients prefer laser dentistry because treatment is virtually pain-free. You don’t even have to get novocaine or numbing medication in most instances. There’s less bleeding and swelling because of the precise nature of the treatment.

Laser dentistry is extremely accurate. Since it’s very targeted, less of your mouth is impacted. If you have tooth decay, for example, the laser can directly target just that specific area. A laser is the best way to treat a gummy smile as well. An exact amount of gum tissue can be removed to get the smile you’re looking for.

Because of all these benefits, you have significantly less downtime after the procedure. Surgical or intensive dental procedures can mean days or weeks of recovery time. Typically, downtime with laser procedures is less than a week. You’re able to get right back on your feet without having to take significant time off of work.

Laser Dentistry Treatments

Laser dentistry can be used to:

  • Remove tooth decay
  • Treat gum disease
  • Whiten teeth
  • Provide dental fillings
  • Lengthen tooth crowns
  • Treat gummy smiles
  • Treat frenectomy (tongue-tie)

Laser dentistry is very safe and has been used by dentists for many years. Because dental lasers are accurate, any pain from your dental issue is almost immediately relieved after treatment. Dental lasers use light technology and do not irritate any sensitive tissues in the mouth.

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