Dental Bridge Washington, DC

Dental bridges are a restorative dental treatment that provides multiple benefits to patients with one or more missing teeth. Bridges allow patients to chew and speak properly, prevent shifting teeth, maintain face shape, and restore an even bite. Bridges usually require healthy teeth or dental implants as anchors on either side of the missing tooth. A fixed dental bridge consists of dental implants or natural teeth on either side of a tooth gap. If patients have natural teeth next to the empty socket, they can be protected with dental crowns. Implants or natural teeth covered with dental crowns often act as anchors to support a bridge.

Dr. Nishan Halim offers dental bridges to patients in Washington, DC. He collaborates with patients one-on-one to determine which restorative dental solutions work best for them. Dr. Halim can then refer you to a specialist if you require dental implants.

Dental Bridges in Washington, DC

Types of Bridges

Removable Dental Bridge: Removable bridges often act as a temporary solution for missing teeth. Although removable dental bridges cost less than fixed dental bridges, they do not offer long-term benefits and do not support bone retention.

Fixed Dental Bridge: A fixed dental bridge consists of one or more prosthetic teeth supported by dental crowns or implants on either side of the missing tooth gap. Natural adjacent teeth or implants are needed to ensure a solid foundation for the dental bridge.

Dental Bridge Treatment

To begin treatment, Dr. Halim will create a plan that works within your dental health needs, budget, and goals. Additionally, Dr. Halim will also assess your bone structure to determine if bone grafting is needed before treatment. Dr. Halim collaborates with dental specialists to fabricate and place dental bridges.

For an implant-supported bridge, the dental implants will need to be surgically inserted into the jawbone. After a healing period of 3 to 6 months, dental impressions are taken and sent to a lab. If no implants are used to anchor the bridge, natural teeth also require dental impressions for custom dental crowns. After the dental bridge is complete, it will be permanently secured using the dental implants or capped off natural teeth.